Tier Rankings #17 – D.C.E.U Films

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman. The list goes on when you talk about the D.C.E.U’s most iconic characters, which have revolutionized the way we view comic books and superheroes alike. With nine films currently in this universe, it’s one that may lack consistency, but does maintain imagination in fantastical lands like Themiscyra, Gotham, and the Atlantis that visually transport us in ways that only comic books can muster. What is your rankings for the D.C.E.U? Leave a comment below


1. Shazam! (2019)
2. Wonder Woman (2017)
3. Man of Steel (2013)
4. Birds of Prey (2020)
5. Aquaman (2018)
6. Batman Vs Superman : Dawn of Justice (2016)
7. Wonder Woman 1984 (2020)
8. Suicide Squad (2016)
9. Justice League (2017)

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