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My name is Chris Kessinger, but my alias is The Film Freak. I am a passionate film lover, who has always searched for answers on what makes a film great. After decades of being a student of film, I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a film critic. I believe all of life’s greatest answers can be found in film. It’s a medium that can bring out the best in every human emotion. Join me on this journey I take, with you the reader by my side. Together, we will explore the best and worst of films, and learn a lot more about on screen magic as we go. – The Film Freak

Chris writes a bi-weekly column in the Akron, Ohio newspaper, The Devil Strip. You can find all of his Devil Strip articles in the section up top marked “Devil Strip Articles”


6 thoughts on “About the Film Freak

  1. Chris, Thank you for your moving tribute to my brother Steve in The Devil Strip. A friend notified me today of your article and being an already emotional morning reading 9/11 memories, your story had me crying like a baby. Thank you for bringing my little brother to life for me again.

    1. David,

      I GREATLY appreciate your feedback. It honors me beyond words that you enjoyed my article, and I am very sorry for your loss. Steve did so much for me that I wish I could’ve paid him back. I wanted people to know the real magic about him. Take care.

  2. Hi Chris. This is another admirer of your writing on Steve Pryseski in the Devil Strip. I am Steve’s only sister and miss him so much. Your article was overwhelming to me. He was quite the guy and you summed it all in your article. I am so glad he helped you through hard times. That is how he was. He was always doing for others. I am glad you got to meet him. Thanks, Joyce Pryseski

    1. WOW!!! Joyce you are far too kind. I am greatly pleased that you enjoyed the article. I tried to do justice to the man who motivated me more than anyone. I miss him dearly, but I know he lived a happy life with such a loving and respectable family. I am glad to have you on the page.

  3. Do you review independant films? I hope so. Made by film professionals but without the studios….

    Three films, two directors, no producers.

    One erotic movie, one music and one political….

    all with success in festivals

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