The Watchers

Directed By Ishana Shyamalan Starring – Dakota Fanning, Georgina Campbell, Olwen Fouere The Plot – This forest isn’t charted on any map. Every car breaks down at its tree line. Mina&... Read More


Directed By Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg Starring – Humberly Gonzalez, Avantika, Olwen Fourere The Plot – When a group of friends recklessly violates the sacred rule of Tarot readings, n... Read More


Directed By Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett Starring – Melissa Barrera, Dan Stevens, Kathryn Newton The Plot – After a group of criminals kidnap the ballerina daughter (Alisha Weir... Read More

The First Omen

Directed By Arkasha Stevenson Starring – Nell Tiger Free, Ralph Ineson, Sonia Braga The Plot – Margaret (Free) is a young American woman who is sent to Rome to begin a life of service to t... Read More


Directed By Kiah Roache-Turner Starring – Jermaine Fowler, Penelope Mitchell, Alyla Browne The Plot – A mysterious object falls from the sky and smashes through the window of a rundown apa... Read More


Directed By Michael Mohan Starring – Sydney Sweeney, Alvaro Morte, Simona Tabasco The Plot – Cecilia (Sweeney), a woman of devout faith, is warmly welcomed to the picture-perfect Italian c... Read More