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By Chris Kessinger (The Film Freak)

Film : Now and Then (1995)

Stars : Demi Moore, Melanie Griffith, Rosie O’Donnell, Rita Wilson

Four lifelong friends look back on a summer of maturity growth in this coming-of-age tale about the bonds that we never forget about. Author Samantha Albertson (Demi Moore), actress Tina Tercell (Melanie Griffith), gynecologist Roberta Martin (Rosie O’Donnell), and housewife Christina DeWitt (Rita Wilson) are friends from childhood who get together for the first time in years when Christina is about to have a baby. Seeing the old gang sends Samantha down memory lane, as she recalls the summer of 1970, when the girls were 12-years-old and edging into womanhood.

We can all relate to a time when life was easier and friendships seemed to last forever. What i really love about Now and Then, is it’s ability to give us two films working together simultaneously. While it is narratively being told by the adult women’s point of view in present day, it’s mostly acted out in the 70’s with these girls on the cusp of everything changing internally and externally in their lives. Whether you are a male or female, Director Lesli Glatter is a student of teenage adolescence, and her script will have the audience reflecting on past adventures. There is also a nice “Wonder Years” kind of feel with the backgrounds. The houses are new and colorful, and everything looks a lot cleaner in an almost Pleasantville kind of setting. The film will serve as a bit of a surprise for how the script (like the girls) mature before our very eyes. The movie begins as a bit of a childish comedy, complete with tongue and cheek jokes. But by film’s end, the movie centers on a heartfelt epiphany with these friends realizing they are the best part of each’s life.

A film like this really shouldn’t have much appeal to me with my taste in film, but the 70’s soundtrack complete with dream-pop sounds, gives the film an irresistable magic to such campfire tales. Glatter’s script feels like a female version of the 1986 classic, Stand By Me, but it never feels like it’s stepping on any toes creatively. If you seek a cult film appealing to generations young and old, Now and Then will serve as a welcoming reflection.

Feast : Burntwood Tavern

If you seek a one of a kind Summit County dining experience, complete with rich and luxurious tastes at affordable prices, check out Cuyahoga Falls crown jewel, The Burntwood Tavern. The building which was originally built in 1914, and served as the powerhouse building for the Cuyahoga River Dam. The restaurant took over the building in 2010 and has since gained a reputation for it’s nourishing foods with a breathtaking view overlooking the river below. This place has many tastes for every meal of the day, sure to satisy hunger cravings big and small. From signature steak dishes, to original rich tasting appetizers that go above and beyond just another meal starter. This place has stress free dining down to a tee, and it all starts at the door with their convenient valet parking.

Film Freak Suggestion – I could easily craft a menu for any of the three meals of the day. For breakfast, check out the Breakfast Burrito, three eggs, bacon, hash browns, black beans, avocado, queso fresco & sriracha aioli complete an early bird’s dream to get the day started right. Complete the deal with a Bloody Mary serve-it-yourself bar. For lunch, start off with a side of Tavern Tator Tots. Think Hush Puppies meets Hash Browns, and you have an edible paradise to prepare you for a unique taste right around the corner. Order the Tavern Dip, a prime rib, au jus, complete with swiss cheese and horseradish sauce. For dinner there is only one choice for this taste critic; Asiago Crusted Chicken. Delicious crispy potatoes, spinach & fresh arugula tossed with house vinaigrette & topped with marinated tomatoes. I have given you three amazing reasons to check out this jewel, but you will have many more for years to come.

You can find The Burntwood Tavern at:
2291 Riverfront Parkway
Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 44221

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