Oxygen/ Diamond Deli



By Chris Kessinger (The Film Freak)

Film : Oxygen (1999)

Stars : Maura Tierney, Adrian Brody

In this high stakes crime thriller, Madeline Foster (Tierney) is a no-nonsense New York police officer who suffers from her own demons outside of the job. Her day is about to get a lot worse however, as she finds herself assigned to an unusual kidnapping. The wife of a prosporous businessman has been buried alive by a mysterious maniacal madman, named Harry Houdini (Brody). It soon becomes clear that Harry knows who Madeline is, and for him this isn’t an ordinary kidnapping but an elaborate psychological game; which makes it all the more fascinating for him.

What works about writer/director Richard Shepard’s script, is the suspense our characters deal with while working against a clock that is constantly ticking. As the movie paces on, you feel the real sense of despiration to save this woman’s life, but with each new branch to the character’s backstories, the mission becomes tougher and tougher. I thoroughly enjoyed Oxygen for it’s refreshingly original ideas on a genre that is very overdone in today’s world of TV. Today, it’s common to find a CSI (fill in the blank for city) on every hour of the day, but a film like Shepard’s was ahead of it’s time for real human-like responses and a building of suspense reminiscent of Shakespear proportions. The film’s score is impactful, the camera shots capture the claustrophobia of being buried alive from the woman’s point of view, and the movie’s pacing is constantly moving at a brief 87 minute run time. It all makes for a chess-move finale that will have you inching on the edge of your seats in breathtaking anticipation.

The film certainly isn’t without it’s surprising coincidences with it’s behind the scenes notes.The on-screen chemistry between the film’s two protagonists is remarkable considering they only spent three days together during filming. The brilliance of a method actor is also present in Brody’s performance, as he had real braces put on his teeth for his role as Harry, rather than get fake ones put in every day.

Feast : The Diamond Deli

As a worker and patron of Downtown Akron, there is only one place that i find myself fantasizing for a taste that gets my taste buds almost romantically: The Diamond Deli. Opening in 1997, by brother and sister, Chad and Lynda Magilavy during a time when the Main Street landscape was changing for the better, the restaurant has gained a reputation for one of Akron’s most dependable eateries for their wide variety in menu options, as well as their dedicated hospitality for customer satisfaction. The building breathes history, as a lot of the locals frequent it daily with stories of happenings in and around the Rubber City. The restaurant offers any kind of sandwich that you can think of, from juicy meats like their famous Reuben’s, to their Chicken Salad with swiss cheese sandwich called “Zach’s Yeah Right Dad”. I certainly love a good story behind every sandwich name, and this Deli is second to none in original creativity. They are all based off of family members with their own humorous stories. With it being less than a mile from The Nightlight, it’s the perfect tag team for culture and cuisine.

Film Freak Suggestion : It’s hard to pick just one in a place i frequent so often. The best experience i have had so far though, is the “Manny’s B-17”, a smoked turkey, ham, honey mustard, tomato with Scallion cream cheese on rye bread. If you’re a turkey sandwich fanatic like me, you will be brought to melodic moaning with each irresistable bite. If turkey isn’t your thing, take a look at the “Here’s The Beef”, a Roast beef, beef brisket, Colby cheese, topped with cole slaw, 1000 island dressing on grilled rye bread. For a compliment to the nourishing sandwich, i recommend a cup of the Diamond favorite “Matzo Ball Soup”, made fresh daily. If you crave something sweet after the meal is complete, enjoy a nice piece of Cheesecake. You will be raving to your friends and family about a dining experience that can only be found in such a city known for it’s delicacy in culinary tastes.

You can find The Diamond Deli at:
378 South Main Street
Akron, Ohio, 44308

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