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An artistic view of film and food
By Chris Kessinger

Mr. Nobody (2009)

In a Tweet : Belgian film director, Jaco Van Dormael, makes his on-screen debut crafting an original look at the elements of free choice and what comes from the decisions we make every step of the way.

What it’s really about : Nemo Nobody (Jared Leto) stands on a station platform as a train is about to leave. Should he go with his mother (Natasha Little) or stay with his father (Rhys Ifans)? Infinite possibilities arise from this decision. As long as he doesn’t choose, anything is possible. All of this is, however, a memory to Nemo’s current life in 2092, where he’s living as a 117 year-old test subject on an unknown planet. Nemo’s study catches the curiosity of the quasi-immortal people living around him as they search for answers about Earth life before such scientific advancements in immortality became available. ‘Mr Nobody’ is part passionate love story and part inquisitve study about the big bang theory.

Why it’s good : The story, which takes on such original concepts, is told from a teacher and student viewpoint.  This is something that we as a viewer do not normally receive, but ‘Mr Nobody’ explains it’s concepts with a creative charm, while giving us a look at a future that doesn’t seem as far out as the eighty years it forecasts. The artistic touches in cinematography are breathtaking in beauty, with a piano driven score by Pierre Van Dormael (director’s brother). Warm, colorful backgrounds offer visual compliments to such a thought provoking script that never stopped enhancing intellectually. The film is loaded with so much great content that it demands more than one showing.

How it’ll surprise you : Free movement across time is a recurring theme of the film. The central character’s name is Nemo, which spelled backwards is ‘omen’, a foretelling of the future. Further, his main love interest is Anna and his daughter is Eve, both of which are the same when read in reverse. It’s also very refreshing to see a European touch on a big budget (47 million dollars) Sci-fi film in an American dominated market. Van Dormael opens the viewers eyes for self reflection and makes the Nemo character relatable, despite a look into a world that is anything but.

Art Among Symbolism : Nemo’s three love interests, Anna, Elise and Jean are all often dressed in colors related to their story with Nemo. Anna is dressed in red, which is commonly associated with love, Elise in blue, which represents depression, and Jean in yellow, the color of deceit.

Local Craving : At the heart of Akron’s art district, is a restaurant that offers a new and exciting look for hunger satisfaction. Crave Restaurant opened in 2005, and has been the prime cut in Akron dining for rich tastes at affordable prices. Offering a wide variety of menu selections featuring stylishly stacked meat dishes tenderly cut, as well as many vegetarian dishes sure to satisfy even the toughest crowds to please. Their gluten-free menu offers the widest range of healthy dishes that I have yet to see in the city. The drink menu will relax your senses, while infusing your mouth with a fruity originality to classic favorites. Everything from Martini’s -Key Lime and Creamsicle to name a couple- to a delicious house made liquor that you won’t find anywhere else- Crave has it all, so treat yourself to a night of savory eats in a museum-esque setting.

Film Freak Suggestion : Go into this one very hungry, because I have a three course meal that will send you singing to the heavens of tasteful nirvana. Start with the Steak Skewers dressed in a delicious Guinness garlic gaze and smoked gouda fondue. The first bite will give you taste goosebumps before the main course. For the main dish? Pork Tenderloin seasoned with bacon salt, chipotle whipped butternut squash, and apple butter veal glace. The tenderloin is so succulent in taste that you will not need a beverage to enhance this meaty mecca of nourishing delight. Desert is right around the corner with a chocolate peanut butter brownie that is the sweet sayonara to a night in one of Akron’s finest establishments.

Crave is located at
57 East Market Street
Akron, Ohio, 44308

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