Saving Christmas



Perhaps a lump of coal isn’t the worst thing you will receive in your stockings this year, as director Kirk Cameron tells us the story about the real Christmas and some of the symbolic meanings behind those objects. Corrupt with a world of commercialism, Cameron tries to give us back the spirit that should be inside all of us for such a joyous season. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, but i absolutely hated this film. As i said before, i am not poking fun at any religious groups, but instead reviewing what i didn’t like about the film, mainly everything. I don’t even know if i can call this movie a film as it is presented in the same way a History Channel biography would. For instance, the film had an antagonist to go against Cameron who explains why Christmas is so evil, and what does the true christianity Christmas have to do with Christmas trees, Santa Claus, and Snow globes. They truly couldn’t pick a more uneducated moron to fill this void of the outsider who hates these cultures. The guy has no argument to combat Cameron and instead chooses to accept every story that Kirk tells with no debate. What is crazy is that this guy leaves his own Christmas party in his OWN HOUSE to go outside and sit the rest of the night in his car. Cameron soon joins him and explains why he has to change and why he should go back inside and apologize to his wife and everyone. Keep in mind that this guy has done nothing to ruin everyone else’s Christmas spirit, as they are all celebrating like a bunch of nuns with their first bottle of Jose Cuervo. It’s Cameron who is being the jerk by telling this guy to change in his own house at his own party where he is bothering NO ONE. By the end of the film, we are supposed to see Cameron as this prophet who has restored the Christmas cheer back into the viewer. As i said before, the film just doesn’t feel like any movie i have seen this year, and that’s not a good thing. It has a run time of 70 minutes, and that is only because the last twenty minutes are so unbelievably stretched out. The debate between Cameron and Antagonist moron finishes up about fifty minutes into the movie, so what do they do with the other twenty minutes? Why have a hip hop christian music video with all of the zombie guests at the party. Seriously, these actors were so terrible that i was waiting for a ransom note to fly out of Cameron’s back pocket. After the corniest dance off i have ever seen in my life, we get the final ten minutes of Cameron reiterating EVERYTHING we have already been through in the whole movie. He does this a few more times in the last scenes so the studio can be happy with a real movie run time instead of the 48-50 minutes this movie should’ve been. The camera work is absolutely hysterical. Not since the Sears air conditioner infomercials of the 90’s have i seen such cardboard and even creepy shots. There are many close ups in the movie that make you feel like you are sharing breath with Cameron and all of his sweater shepherds. I thought it was weird enough to have Cameron in the faces of all of these people he is talking to, but even creepier when we are put in the camera angle of such recipients. The Christmas music is nice for those of you who like that sort of thing, but it becomes irrelevant when Cameron’s narrations exceed the volume of the music. If this isn’t enough, we get a black stereotype character, and it’s the worst one i have ever seen. This guy spits such holy slang that you will find yourself yelling “SHUT UP!!!!!” and not knowing or remembering that you did it. I found one scene hilarious after the hip hop dance party. There are obviously 50-100 people at this party, but then most of them disappear when food is about to be served. There is only one table present in any shots of the dining room, and only about 15 people at this table. Where did the rest of them go? We dance you around like a jackass and then tell you to go home? The weirdest thing about this film is that Cameron is talking one second about how commercialized the holiday has become, and then supporting it by films end. He explains that giving presents are OK because that is what the three wisemen did during the birth of Christ. It’s like the movie with the highest religious tones supports materialism, greed, and gluttony. I feel terrible after watching films like this for you Christians. As a catholic, i can relate to criticisms, but these are the kind of films you wish would never be made. Kirk Cameron is not casting that religion in the brightest of lights with such an unbelievably bad film. Someone should tell Kirk that Christmas doesn’t need saving. It’s whatever you decide to make it in your own home, and doesn’t have an agenda. Some people have told me that they are waiting for this film to come to the dollar theater, and to that i say you would be spending a dollar too much. This film should be forgotten about without any DVD release. The world could be making much more important DVD uses like “Richard Simmons sweats to Lady Gaga” or “Bad to the Bone: Linoleum tiles”. There is nothing redeeming about it for a second. Continue celebrating the holiday like you normally do. The worst idea you could possibly have is to let this has-been “Save” your Christmas. I find it funny that any guy who tells women that they have a role in the kitchen during Christmas time on CNN, can tell anyone they can save Christmas.

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