Anchorman 2




This is going to be blasphemous to some people, but i thought this sequel to the 2004 original was even better. The film definitely steps it up in the laughs department, and i consider the original one of the 40 funniest films of all time. I now understand completely why it took almost 10 years for a sequel of this magnitude; everything is better. Besides the laughs, the movie tells a more epic story of Ron Burgandy and his news team. Some of the scenes will have you scratching your head in absurdity, but that is the kind of movies Will Ferrell is usually a part of. I have to admit that i was worried about this film with how much it has been pimped out on TV. I have seen Will Ferrell as Ron Burgandy everywhere over the last three weeks, and i thought it would be overdoing his best character. Some of the best scenes of the movie involve Ron’s interaction with an African American family, a severely awkward sex scene and another news team war that is twice as good and star studded as the original. I don’t want to give away a lot of spoilers, so this is one of those films you are going to have to see. I think even Ferrell haters will love this movie. It’s got something for everyone. Brick Tambland (Steve Carrell) is the best part of the movie for me. He has more lines with longer screen time in the sequel and that is a great thing. Sometimes Burgandy can get a little overdone with audiences because they know his humor too well. This is when it’s great to have someone like Carrell or Paul Rudd take the reigns and give their humor. The final ten minutes is some of the craziest things i have ever seen in a comedy, but i was laughing the whole time. Anchorman 2 brings back every great character from the first film and gives them more to do in the sequel. I recommend checking it out as it is the funniest film of the year (my opinion).





A pretty good film about a woman (Tina Fey) who works in the Princeton admissions office and finds out that her son who she gave up for adoption is a prodigy who will be applying there. Going into this film i expected it to be a comedy with people like Tina Fey and Paul Rudd, but i was very surprised to see that this is every bit the romantic drama films of the 90’s. One thing i really liked about this film was the way it taught you about how hard it really is to get into these Ivy league schools. I also think this is a film that those schools don’t want you to see, as the snob “we’re better than you” reputation is presented in a crystal clear light. I also enjoyed Rudd as he has shown the ability to pull of comedies and romantic films. At this point in his career, i am a big fan and will usually watch anything he is in. The only thing i didn’t like about this film was it’s dragging at parts. It does take this film a good 30 minutes to finally get you into it, but once you get there it does present a very original story. If you know me, you know originality gets extra points in my book, and that is why i recommend giving Admission a shot. The ladies will love it.